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New Naat Sharif

Naat Sharif is the way of giving tribute to Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Respect and Love of the Messenger of God is obligatory on every Muslim in the World. Naat Sharif is therefore recited to pay homage to the humbleness and greatness of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.). The 12th Rabi ul Awwal is of huge importance for Muslims, as it marks the birth and death day of Holy Prophet. The Rabi ul Awwal is celebrated across the world as Eid Milad Nabi (SAW). Naat Sharif is recited by Muslim men and women in their respective manner to show their dedication and love for beloved Prophet Mohammad(P.B.U.H.)

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New Naat Mp3 Download

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Naat Sharif

It is difficult to trace the history of Na’at khawani since no authenticated record of when it was initiated can be found. One early author, Hassan, was known as Shair-e-Darbaar-e-Risalat. Even before accepting Islam he was a poet, but after embracing Islam he gave a new turn to his poetry and started writing Na’ats in honor of Muhammad.[2] He was famous for his poetry that defended Muhammad in response to rival poets that attacked him and his religion. Therefore, Hassan is known as the first sana-khawaan (naat reciter) of that time. After that many a poet followed this trend and totally dedicated themselves towards writing of nNats.

Tala’ al Badru ‘Alayna, a song sung to Muhammad during his completion of migration to Medina in 622 CE,[3] is believed to be one of the earliest naats.


New Naat Mp3 Download

New Naat Mp3 Download

New Naat Mp3 Free Download